Did my child ReallY Draw This?



After more than a decade of teaching children how to draw, this is still the #1 question parents ask us.

We teach our students how to draw one-step-at-a-time using black permanent marker. We present a step-by-step art lesson on the white board and each child draws on his/her own paper at their seat.

Our “no mistakes in art” approach to drawing promotes creative problem solving and fosters individual interpretation.

We provide just the right balance of structure and creative freedom so that everyone may experience the joy of a successful outcome.

The results are as varied as the children are themselves, and the colors they choose during the finishing process reflect their individuality even more.

Student Artwork Gallery

Arts Afterschool collage.JPG

What subjects do your art lessons cover?

  • Animals

  • People

  • Landmarks

  • Popular Characters

  • Mythical Creatures

  • Architecture

  • Food

  • Insects

  • Flowers

  • Modes Of Transportation

  • Seasonal

  • And More!


Do they use anything other than black permanent markers?


For each art lesson, after we draw in black permanent marker, we provide different media for the children to use to finish their drawings.

  • oil pastel

  • chalk pastel

  • watercolor crayon

  • markers

  • colored pencil

  • woodless colored pencil

We offer guidance and support during the finishing process but most often simply marvel at how effortless each child’s sense of color is.

Drawing Bon Bon 2.jpg

No previous Experience or special skill is necessary to learn how to draw.


Drawing is a teachable skill.

Like learning to ride a bike or play a musical instrument, learning to draw is a "quality of life" skill that brings joy, provides a positive outlet, and enhances lives.

New students can be sure they will love learning to draw from the very first lesson, and returning students can look forward to new art lessons week after week.